New Space is infinite possibilities and marketability in the space industry.
It is growing daily and many private companies are going into the space industry.
In the New Space, GreenOptics can provide a reliable optics to the customer
who aims to space.

Light Weight Technology

The Low Mechanical Deformation Large Size Optical Mirror Reducing Costs for
Space Launch Vehicles Optimized Optical Performance with Light weighting Design

SiC and Cordierite Mirror
    Target Specification of SiC Mirrors
  • Surface Errors : <15nm RMS (Typical <10nm RMS)
  • Roughness : <2nm (Typical <1nm)
  • Slope Errors : <1.5urad RMS
  • Silver and Aluminum Coating with protective layer
  • SiC without CVD process(Zero Void SiC)
    and Lightweight (on-going)
Green Optics is developing world's best class SiC polishing technology through the introduction of free high-speed aspherical grinding equipment of large optics.
PV 0.204λ   /   rms 25.95nm   /   Roughness Ra 0.796nm
Laser Communication Al Mirrors
Beam Expander Telescope
    4 aspherical components required
  • M1 large aspheric concave mirror
  • M2 aspheric convex mirror
  • M3 plano mirror
  • M4 aspheric concave mirror
    Strong requirement for reducing integration time
  • Complex design for M2 and M3 back sides
  • Full responsibility for inspection at partner level