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  • Material : Fused Silica , Optics Material , ZnS, ZnSe, Ge, Si, CaF2, MgF2, etc.
  • Sample Lead time : Shape processing–Polishing–Super Polishing–AR Coating[1weeks]
  • precision processing : shape error <1um/P-V < 1/10λ @632.8nm, RMS<1/60 λ , Ra < 3Å
  • Various application fields
     – High Power Laser optics [Excimer laser, ND;Yag laser, CO2 Laser ]
     – FLIR Camera optics
     – Lithography optics
     – Astronomical telescope optics
Processing Sectors
  • Spherical lens(Ø3mm ~ Ø400mm), From 2016 Ø1500mm
  • Aspherical lensØ10mm ~ Ø200mm , From 2016 Ø1500mm
  • Cylindrical lens5mm ~2000mm
  • Array lens
  • Doublet lens
  • Grating lens
  • Deep UV 193nm ArF , 248nm KrF lens
  • UV laser Cylindrical lens
  • OLED/LCD Lithography Lens
  • Semiconductor Lithography Lens
  • FLIR Camera lens
Cylindricla lens/
Large Optics
  • Cylindricla lenses, as the ones with a different type of X-axis and Y-axis radius, have cylindrical or semi-cylindrical shape and enlarging images are available only on a single axis.
  • Flat products can be processed up to the line PV λ/10 in case of thickness ≤30T and line PV λ/4≥50T.
Product Photos
Array lens

<Array lens>

Aspherical lens

<Aspherical lens>

Deep UV 193nm ArF, 248nm KrF lens

<Deep UV 193nm ArF, 248nm KrF lens>

Doublet lens

<Doublet lens>

FLIR Camera lens

<FLIR Camera lens>

Grating lens

<Grating lens>

Semicconductor Lithography lens

<Semicconductor Lithography lens>

FLIR Camera lens

<Spherical lens>

UV laser Cylindricla lens

<UV laser Cylindricla lens>