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Green Optics jumped into the localization of space optics with its inn…



Green Optics jumped into the localization of space optics with its innovative optical skills appreciated by NASA



Green Optics produces optical products for industrial purposes such as semiconductor and display as well as defense and satellite. Its sales in 2021 was about 30 billion dollars, from which a large portion goes into research and development of space optics. In 2013, Green optics entered into space optics by manufacturing camera lens for domestiScience and Technology Satellite. It also cooperated in researching SiC process skills and manufacturing SiC optical mirror with NASA and NOAO for many years which led it to make a 300mm SiC optical mirror. As the optical system gets larger, lightweight skill became necessary. Green Optics designs lightweight and reduces optical mirror's weight upto 85% which was shipped to ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization). The mirror's dimension was 754x557mm, its manufacturing process includes precision mechanical pand chemical etching process and its lightweighted ribs' thickness was about 2mm. It also cooperates with KARI, KAIST, KT SAT, KASI etc in Korea also.




[26th-Apr-2022, Dong-A Daily News]




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